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Questions You Must Ask Plastic Surgeons
  1. Are you board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc.?
    Yes | No
  2. Do you participate in the Maintenance of Certification in Plastic Surgery Program* (MOC-PS®)
    *For surgeons who were board-certified after 1995
    Yes | No
  3. What is the extent of your training in plastic surgery?
  4. What year did you begin to practice plastic surgery exclusively?
  5. What surgical procedures do you perform most frequently?
    a.)___________________ b.)_______________________ c.)____________________
  6. Approximately how many times have have you performed (the procedure)?
  7. Names of the facility(s) where you perform surgery and have hospital priviliges?
  8. Is each facility accredited by a state or nationally recognized agency?
  9. Is your medical license in good standing in the state where you practice?
    Yes | No
  10. Have you ever practiced in another state? If yes, which states?
  11. Have you ever had your medical license suspended or revoked?
    Yes |No and, if Yes, which state(s): __________________________________________
  12. Are you on probation?
    Yes | No and if Yes, please explain: __________________________________________
  13. Are you being treated for drug or alcohol abuse?
    Yes | No
  14. Have you ever been disciplined by any Board of Medicine anywhere?
    Explain: _________________________________________________________________
  15. Have you settled any medical malpractice or negligence lawsuits?
  16. Are you currently involved in any pending malpractice or negligence actions:
  17. Do you think I'm a good candidate for the procedure I'm interested in having?
    Explain: __________________________________________________________________
  18. Please tell me about preparation for the procedure, risks and possible complications, recovery time, etc.
  19. What steps can I take to prevent any complications from arising?
  20. May I please view before and after photos of any of your prior patients who have had this procedure?
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