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Updated: April 8, 2019

#2 is BING - free & mostly relevant
#3 is Yahoo! (similar results as BING)

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
BING -#2 & 3 of 123300,000
Board Certified Plastic Surgeons
BING: #2 of 11,900,000

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon PA
BING- #1 of 1,610,000

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon NJ
BING- #1 of 1,210,000 results

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon CA
BING - #1 of 1,650.000 results

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon NY
BING -#1 & #3 (NY and Manhanttan) of of 2,220,000

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons CT
BING #1 and #2 (CT and Fairfield, CT) of 950,000 results

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon AZ
BING #1 & #2 (AZ and Phoenix) of 483,000 results

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon IL
Bing #1 & #2 (IL and Chicago) of 1,750,000

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon FL
BING- #1 & #2 (FL and Miami, FL) of 1,750,000 .

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